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Alec Morris

Australian cookbook author Alec Morris and his young songs, Aldo and Elio, are a team of playful pasta-makers determined to bring their favorite Sunday meal to your table.

Learning from his nonna at a very young age, Alec has been making pasta for over 30 years. His blog, Pasta et Al, began simply as a record of this weekly tradition as he passed it on to his children. However, it quickly grew into an international community drawn together by the trio’s unique blend of old and new, heartfelt storytelling and, of course, tiny, squishy hands. They continue to inspire new pasta-makers, reinvigorate old ones and even gain the occasional endorsement from someone’s nonna.


Gemelli With Slow-cooked Pork Shoulder Ragù

A slow-cooked pork shoulder ragù with gemelli is a crowd-pleasing pasta dish from the cookbook Pasta et Al.

December 4, 2023

Pici Pasta with Potatoes and Beans

Pici pasta with potatoes and beans is a recipe from the new cookbook Pasta et Al. The dish calls for a fresh, thick-rolled pasta in a Tuscan preparation.

November 27, 2023