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Jaclyn DeGiorgio

Newyorkese by birth and Milanese by adoption, Jaclyn DeGiorgio is a food, wine, and travel writer and food tour guide. She’s lived in Italy since 2013 and has contributed to various publications over the years. She chronicles her adventures in Milan and beyond on her blog, A Signorina in Milan. In 2022, she launched The Milanophiles, a podcast exploring the food, beverage, and lifestyle culture in and around her adopted city (Italy’s best unkept secret!). An unapologetic wine geek, she holds a level three certificate from the Wine and Spirits Education Trust. You can follow her food- and wine-fueled escapades on Instagram.

A Beginner’s Guide to Nebbiolo Wines

Nebbiolo wines from Piedmont and Lombardy offer a diverse range of flavors and characteristics. Learn more about the origins, famous regions, and emerging producers of this remarkable grape variety.

October 12, 2023

Where To Eat and What To Do in Como and Around Lake Como

Charming villages with excellent restaurants and sights surround Italy’s world-famous lake and the city that bears its name. Here’s how to experience all that Lake Como has to offer.

July 19, 2023