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Zeneba Bowers and Matt Walker

In 2019, American classical musicians Zeneba Bowers and Matt Walker bought a 50 mq (500 sq ft) apartment for €26,000 in the town of Soriano nel Cimino, an hour north of Rome. This would become their new (and only) home six months later, when they quit their 20-year symphony jobs, obtained work visas, sold their house in Nashville TN, and moved to Italy (with four cats!) to live and work here as musicians – just three months before the pandemic lockdowns.

 While in lockdown, with public events prohibited, they performed concerts from their little terrazza every evening for 62 nights in a row – first just for their neighbors, and then into the PA in the town’s piazza, and then broadcast live on Facebook. This “Buonasera Soriano” concert series was featured on CBS Sunday Morning in May 2020, in a story about people playing from their balconies in Italy in the lockdown period.

They wrote about the whole crazy experience in a recently published memoir: I Can’t Believe We Live Here: The Wild But True Story of How We Dropped Everything in the States and Moved to Italy, Right Before the End of the World.

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