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Stef Ferrari

Stef Ferrari is an Emmy-winning, James Beard Award-nominated writer, filmmaker, and illustrator who has published four books included the recent Stuzzichini: The Art of the Italian Snack. She has more than two decades in the food world, has lived in Italy where she traveled, documented, and studied Italian culture and humanities, and was the Senior Editor for Life & Thyme for more than half a decade. Stef once owned an ice cream shop, and her true loves include pizza, doughnuts, and people. Stef specializes in writing related to food, pop culture, and queer life. Instagram:

The Bicicletta Cocktail, a Milanese Classic

In an excerpt from her book, Stuzzichini, Stef Ferrari revisits a beloved spritz from Milan made with Campari, white wine, and soda.

May 21, 2024

Stef Ferrari’s New Book Shines a Spotlight on Stuzzichini

In Stuzzichini, the award-winning author and food expert explores how Italy’s small bites relate to aperitivo culture and hospitality, with great recipes and stories. Here, she writes about her inspiration for the new book about “The Art of the Italian Snack.”

May 16, 2024