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How to Work Birrittella’s Pizza Dough

Pizzaiolo Nicole Russell and Appetito Editor-in-Chief demonstrate how to prepare a package of Birrittella's Pizza Dough, from proofing to stretching—everything you need to know to make a perfect pizza, calzone, and other delicious kitchen creations.

October 9, 2023

Homemade Pizza with Birrittella’s

In part two of the Birrittella's series, acclaimed pizzaiola, Nicole Russell, host of Pizza Wars, shows Appetito magazine's Andrew Cotto how to create a homemade pizza using Birrittella's Pizza Dough.

October 9, 2023

An Annual Subscription to Appetito Gets You Organic EVOO & More!

Now, when you purchase an annual subscription to Appetito, you will receive a bottle of Bona Furtuna extra virgin olive oil from Sicily and other gifts. Subscribe to Appetito today!

October 9, 2023