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Justin Patulli

Justin Patulli is a food and travel writer with a lifelong passion for his Italian heritage. Having worked in the travel industry, he has an inherent love for encouraging people to travel beyond Italy’s most visited regions. Through his writing he teaches about the diversity of Italy, from north to south. He’s also a freelance content writer for various Italian travel brands. You can find his work on Muck Rack and follow him on Instagram.

5 Must-Visit Historic Cafés and Bars in Italy

Looking to experience Italy’s famed coffee and aperitivo culture? Here are the places you need to target for your next trip to some of the country’s major destinations.

April 3, 2024

The Gluten-Free Success of Marcella Navarro of Mama Eat

Our contributor shares the story of Marcella Navarro who built a Gluten-Free pizza empire in Rome with Mama Eat.

March 19, 2024