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Low Country Bella

Low Country Bella (Mandi Casey) is Italian by birth and Southern by choice. Moving to eastern North Carolina as a young girl, she was exposed to a whole new type of cuisine like BBQ and hush puppies. As an adult, she embraces both cultures so you never know what she may be cooking up in her kitchen! Currently she lives in both Pawleys Island, South Carolina and Fort Mill, South Carolina.

Her family continues to grow, and that makes her happy because there are more people to feed and love. What’s better than that?

In addition to creating, cooking and sharing great recipes, she loves to research the history of food origins. Understanding the flavors and ingredients helps her creativity, but more-so, appreciate the meal with even more passion.

Mandi loves to be a guest of events, signing books and donating a portion of her net proceeds to local charities. Her second cookbook is scheduled to released early next year.

Please follow her on her website or on social media: @lowcountrybella on both Instagram and Facebook.

Mangia Y’all!

Spicy Shrimp Pasta from the Low Country

Our contributor from the coast of Carolina shares her regionally-inspired pasta that fuses the cuisine of Italy and the Low Country.

January 18, 2024