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Easter Hosting Shopping Guide: Elevate your Tablescape

Easter Cake and flowers

An Easter Caramel Cake by Caroline’s Cakes will help set the mood for a festive celebration.

Growing up, my family held Easter celebrations at our home, typically in the form of a brunch. And — like many other children — an Easter egg hunt was often my favorite part. But as I’ve gotten older, hosting has become more exciting as an activity itself.

This year, Easter lands on March 31st, and we’re quite looking forward to setting the table. As we prepare for the early spring holiday, Appetito has items in mind to help you host, whether you’re putting on a brunch spread, hosting a dinner, or organizing an egg hunt (perhaps with a side of seasonal cocktails for the parents). 

Here’s a selection of items to help you elevate your Easter tablescape:

[Note: Appetito may earn commissions from products featured in links to this story.]

Hot Dish in Taffy or Marinara (Great Jones - $90) 

baking dish
Great Jones Hot Dish in Marinara.

Great Jones’ Hot Dish is appropriate for cooking dishes like lasagna and casserole, as well as for baking. It’s great for cooking, yes, but it’s also adorable. This versatile piece of cookware is available in multiple colorways but we’re partial to the Taffy for Easter festivities and Marinara because, well, you can probably guess. Imagine the taffy dish complete with a baked dessert next to a bowl of Cadbury Mini Eggs — it doesn’t get any sweeter.

Egg Hunt Basket (Paynes Gray - $49)

Woven basket
Paynes Gray's Egg Hunt Basket.

No Easter celebration is complete without an Easter basket. And Paynes Gray has an option that’s mature enough to make it past the kids’ table and into the decor scheme, yet still whimsical and fun. Their Egg Hunt Basket is made from natural fibers and is about 12.5 by 13 inches in size.

Scone Sampler of 12 Large Scones (Seven Sisters Scones - $61)

Seven Sisters Scones.

Georgia-based Seven Sisters Scones does not mess around. Their Scone Sampler, which includes 12 large scones, ships pre-made directly to your door and would make any brunch spread sing. These scones come in a variety of flavors ranging from Blueberry (a classic) to Lucky Charms and are absolutely scrumptious. And for those with dietary restrictions, the bakery also offers vegan and gluten-free options.

No. 14 Cast Iron Skillet (Smithey - $240)

Smithey cast iron pan
No. 14 Cast Iron Skillet by Smithey.

Holiday cooking often entails catering to something of a crowd. And Smithey’s No. 14 Cast Iron Skillet is the answer home chefs might be seeking for this kind of task. Their cast iron skillet is as beautiful as it is useful and made for long-term use, a great forever-addition to your kitchen. It’s 14 inches in diameter making it great for large meal prep. 

Hands-Free Citrus Juicer (Vinci Housewares - $99.99)

Vinci Juicer.

If you’re a mimosas-at-Easter-brunch household (we definitely are), then Vinci Housewares’ Hands-Free Citrus Juicer is the first thing you should click “purchase” on from this list. Fresh citrus juice always feels like a luxury whether drinking it plain, adding to recipes or to cocktails — so much so that I always assumed it would be absolutely painful to make on my own. But this juicer makes the process as easy as 1, 2, 3:  assemble, cut fruit, press go. And the best part? It’s dishwasher-friendly. 

Journey Stemware (Zwiesel Glas, Fortessa - $108)

Journey Stemware from Zweisel Glas.

Can’t have mimosas without appropriate glassware. Zwiesel Glas’ Journey Champagne With EP from Fortessa are classically stylish with the prettiest stem detailing. Made with crystal glass, the line pattern is meant to represent Zwiesel Glas’ marked milestones after 150 years of glass-making. These dishwasher-safe glasses come in a set of six and are break-resistant, perfect for serving mimosas around a semi-crowded table.

Espresso Martini (Via Carota - $39)

Via Carota bottled espresso martini
Via Carota's bottled Espresso Martini.

If you’re not in the mood for mimosas or juice, Via Carota’s pre-made bottled craft cocktails are a great alternative. The Espresso Martini, which is available to order online, is made with vodka distilled six times and espresso and features notes of dark fruits, chocolate and toffee. The drink can be served cold — just shake, pour, and complete with fresh coffee beans as a garnish. 

Bunny Basket Cocktail Napkins (Chefanie - $48)

Easter bunny napkins
Easter Bunny Basket cocktail napkin set from Chefanie.

What’s Easter without a bunny? If you’re looking to add a cute, bunny touch to your table Chefanie has you covered with hand embroidered pink linen napkins featuring baby bunnies peeking out of a basket meant for all forms of spring entertaining including occasions such as Easter and Passover. 

Faux Composed Tulip Arrangement in Glass Vase (Pottery Barn - $149)

tulip arrangement
Faux composed tulip arrangement from Pottery Barn.

If you’re looking for flowers without a fuss, Pottery Barn’s Faux Composed Tulip Arrangement in Glass Vase is a stunning option to adorn your table. The bunch of fake flowers is composed of three dozen light peach tulips with flexible stems, allowing for custom arrangement at home. And as a bonus, they will last quite a bit longer than your average bunch of tulips.

Sculptural Bunny Ceramic Egg Holder (Williams Sonoma - $69.96)

There are always eggs on Easter - whether you paint, hard boil, devil, fry or just hunt for the little plastic ones around your yard. And there’s no better way to display eggs - decorative or for eating - than in Williams Sonoma’s Sculptural Bunny Ceramic Egg Holder, which is as cute as it is functional. 

Easter Caramel Cake (Caroline’s Cakes - $80)

Easter cake
Easter Caramel Cake by Caroline's Cakes.

Caroline’s Cakes Easter Caramel Cake is the perfect thing to put a bow on one’s Easter Sunday. One 9 inch cake can serve 14 to 20 people, delivering seven layers of goodness. The Easter Caramel Cake is a yellow cake, characterized by the brand’s signature caramel filling topped off by vanilla buttercream icing and spring-themed sprinkles. Caroline’s Cakes come frozen and can be refrozen for 6 months. If you’re not a caramel lover, we also think the Pink Champagne Cake would be well-suited for an Easter spread. All orders placed by March 26 should arrive by Easter.

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