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818 Tequila and Chamberlain Coffee’s Espresso Martini Debuts

Special order: NYC restaurants Little Ruby’s Cafe, Dudley’s to serve 818 Tequila and Chamberlain Coffee espresso martini

espresso martini and ingredients

NYC restaurants Little Ruby’s Cafe and Dudley’s will serve 818 Tequila and Chamberlain Coffee espresso martinis.

The espresso martini has been a popular order in New York City bars and restaurants for a few years now, and fans of the cocktail have seen plenty of variations on the drink with different liquors, garnishes, and other elements in play.

And, perhaps thanks to its caffeinated nature, it hasn’t faced consumer fatigue quite yet, as some other drink fads have (when was the last time you heard a group order White Claws or 2022-trendy Dirty Shirley at a bar?). The espresso martini continues to live comfortably as an oft-ordered drink at cocktail bars, even inspiring art

But not many espresso martinis are the product of an uber-trendy collaboration akin to the new, limited time offering from Little Ruby’s Cafe and Dudley’s in lower Manhattan: The two restaurants will be serving an espresso martini made with Kendall Jenner’s 818 Tequila and Emma Chamberlain’s Chamberlain Coffee for a limited time from April 24 through April 28.

Jenner, model and founder of 818 Tequila, is enthusiastic about the collaboration, noting she and Chamberlain have been wanting to work together to highlight their brands.

Chamberlain, podcast host and founder, creative director and investor in Chamberlain Coffee, agrees, saying working with Jenner was “a blast.”

“The whole thing came together naturally because we adore each other and adore espresso martinis with tequila,” says Chamberlain. “We played around and ended up creating a unique take on an espresso martini that we know people will love.”

The two brands teased the new drink on Instagram Tuesday with a promo video on the espresso martini’s origin story.

The collaboration goes a little bit further than a simple menu item for Jenner. She believes it will prove a point.

"We're not only creating something delicious together, we're settling the debate, once and for all, that espresso martinis taste best when they're made with tequila,” says Jenner. 

Chamberlain says she’s excited for people to taste it. And the team at Wish You Were Here Group — of which Little Ruby’s Cafe and Dudley’s are part — is excited about serving the drink, too.

Julien Calella, group beverage director at Wish You Were Here Group, says that the flavor combination works very well.

“The candied pecan cold brew gives a toasted sweet yet savory note that really complements the bold coffee flavor,” says Calella. “818 Tequila Reposado is the perfect pairing for coffee with the vanilla and baking spice notes that come through from the barrel aging."  

For an even more limited period (while supplies last) Little Ruby’s will also be distributing 818 Tequila hats for each martini order. 

And in case you can’t make it to either restaurant during the four-day span it will be serving the drink, the Wish You Were Here Group has shared Calella’s take on how to make it at home.

See the recipe below:

Julien's take on Emma & Kendall's Espresso Martini to recreate at home: 


1.5 oz 818 Tequila Reposado

1.5 oz Chamberlain Coffee Candied  Pecan Cold Brew

0.75 oz Cafeto Tequila Coffee Liqueur 

0.25 oz 2:1 Vanilla Brown Sugar Syrup


Combine all ingredients in shaker tin

Shake hard for about 15 seconds

Strain into a coupe glass

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