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Let’s Be Well by Walking Like Italians This Holiday Season

Our health & wellness expert explains the passeggiata and offers a walking challenge during the holidays to serve the mind and body.

Health & Wellness Coach Marianna Cuomo Maier.

Health & wellness coach Marianna Cuomo Maier.

The Italian lifestyle reminds us that sometimes the simplest things can go a long way in supporting our overall health. Let’s walk and talk…

In my quest for holistic well-being and balance, I’ve drawn inspiration from the active lifestyle embraced by many Italians. This is seen in the inclination towards regular walking, be it a morning walk in the sunshine or an evening stroll.

Italians have long understood the inherent benefits of una passeggiata—a leisurely walk that isn’t merely a physical act, but serves the mind and body. 

From my perspective as a board certified health & wellness coach, regular walking serves as a cornerstone for optimal health. I have personally witnessed the transformative power of this simple yet effective practice in my own life as taking a walk is one of the simplest ways for me to feel better mentally and physically.

Health & Wellness Coach Marianna Cuomo Maier.
Marianna Cuomo Maier.

Walking, whether in nature or on city streets, provides a source of joy, mental clarity, and physical rejuvenation. It serves as a reminder that wellness is not just about rigorous workouts but also about embracing the simple pleasures of movement.

Especially during this holiday season, I encourage you to adopt the Italian ethos of incorporating daily walks into your routine. Allow una passeggiata to become a cherished part of your day, bringing not only physical activity but also a sense of calm and connection with your surroundings.

In celebration of the simplicity of walking, I am thrilled to announce a 3-week step challenge to ensure you get out for a walk during the holidays. The challenge starts this Sunday, December 17th and ends Sunday, January 7th. To virtually join the challenge, and increase motivation and community, use the link to signup on the MasterHealth app! 

Together let's embrace the Italian way of naturally staying active during the festive season and use this simple way to care for ourselves. Join me in this walking challenge, and let's embark on a journey of wellness together. 

Buon cammino!

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