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Must-Have Kitchen Equipment for Italian Cooking—On Sale!

These Amazon deals on kitchen equipment make it a great time to stock up and improve your Italian cooking experience.

9:00 AM EDT on August 1, 2023

oval pot with lid

We’ve all been there: staring at a recipe for lasagna and realizing that our pan doesn’t match the dimensions. Or trying to make an extra-large pot of Sunday sauce, but missing the extra-large pot. Or salivating over a tiramisu in a cookbook but lamenting the lack of springform pans in the cupboard. Don’t let this happen to you! 

Here, Appetito rounds up the must-have equipment for Italian cooking, and we’ve located many items that are discounted up to 50% off on Amazon* to help you stock up your kitchen arsenal while saving you money. 

Appetito may earn commissions from products featured in links to this story.

*prices as of August 1, 2023 and subject to change

Dutch Oven, $329

Le creuset pasta pot

Is it really a Sunday sauce (or gravy) if it’s not simmering all afternoon in a Le Creuset? This enamel cast iron signature round Dutch Oven from the venerable Le Creuset is a splurge, but with 22% off the original price, it comes in at only $329.

Immersion Blender, $79

Immersion blender

It’s hard to find a high-quality immersion hand blender that doubles as a food processor for under $100, but Gavasto’s set is popular and on sale for 20% less than its list price of $99.99.

Mixing Bowls, $17.95

pyrex bowls

Much Italian cooking becomes easy and pleasurable once you have your mise en place. A stack of Pyrex glass mixing bowls (or two!) lets you prep all your ingredients and have them on hand to assemble a lasagna, make a salad, or grill some vegetables. 

Oval Pasta Pot, $35.98

oval pot with lid

You can put your long pasta like spaghetti in a round pot and awkwardly try to submerge it, or you can buy an oval pot and slide those noodles in to boil without any extra effort. Your call, but the classic Bialetti brand’s Oval Aluminum 5.5 Quart Pasta Pot will definitely make your next long pasta experience smoother, at 7% off the already reasonable list price of $38.49.

Rubber Spatulas, $12.59

multi-colored rubber spatulas

When you’re in the kitchen managing a few recipes at once, a good set of silicone rubber spatulas comes in handy. They’re also essential for baking and mixing. Hotec’s rubber spatula set is an inexpensive addition to your kitchen tools, especially at 34% off the $18.99 list price.

Lasagna pans, $49.99

4 nesting casserole baking pans

Sometimes you’re making lasagna for 2, other times for 6, or maybe prepping a batch to freeze or even a solo edition. This unfussy set of four ceramic casserole dishes means you can make any size lasagna, or make a few, or even add a side of roasted veggies, at better than 10% off list price.

Stainless Steel Colander Sieves, $19.99

3 metal colanders

Hey, the pasta’s not gonna strain itself. Plus, this set of three stainless steel colander sieves (3, 4, and 5 quarts) features a fine mesh strainer and handles for under 20 bucks, on sale from $39.99.

Pizza Stone, $39.99

pizza stone

It’s called a pizza stone, but it’s also great for making calzones and baking panzerotti. This 16-inch stone from KitchenStar can be used in ovens or on charcoal or gas grills, and features handles for easy lifting. It’s on sale from $49,99, or 20% off.

Espresso Machine, $731

Espresso machine

Yes, this is not an inexpensive purchase, but if you want to have a machine that can make any style of coffee or espresso drink, the Philips 3200 Series fully automatic espresso machine has you covered. Usually clocking in at $999, this highly rated, multi-tasking device is a tremendous deal at 27% off.

Cake Pans, $19.99

set of 3 springform cake pans

Tiramisu, cheesecake, and other dessert favorites require a good cake pan. This set of three 9.5, 10, and 11-inch springform pans allows for different sizes, layering, and more tricks of the baking trade. On sale from $22.99, this deal will save you a few bucks to achieve Italian cake glory.

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