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Tips to Avoid Summertime Stress

Taking cues from Italian lifestyle, our Health & Wellness coach offers 5 tips to avoid summertime stress.

Marianna Cuomo Maier

Wellness expert Marianna Cuomo Maier shares tips for a stress-free summer.

Experiencing summertime stress? You’re not alone.

While summer is often celebrated as the best season of the year, it can sometimes feel overwhelming and stressful. The change or lack of routine due to travel, the pressure to have fun, and concerns about body image can all contribute to summertime anxiety. 

However, with help from the Italian lifestyle, you can navigate these stressors and fully enjoy the season. 

5 tips to feel your best this summer from the inside out:

1. Embrace the Present

    In the midst of summer adventures, grounding yourself in the present moment can be a powerful way to ease anxiety. Learn to pause and feel the warmth of the sun or hear the laughter of loved ones. Instead of worrying about what's next, focus on enjoying the here and now. Whether you're at the beach, exploring a new city, or simply relaxing in your backyard, savor all that’s around you.

    2. Prioritize Self-Care and Fill Up Your Cup

      Self-care is more than just pampering; it's about prioritizing your overall well-being. During the summer, make time for activities that ground you and allow you to recharge. This could be a walk outside, a journaling session, or taking 5 minutes to yourself to start the day. Filling up your cup with these nourishing activities helps you stay balanced and feel grounded.

      3. Build Movement into Daily Activities

        Italians have long understood the inherent benefits of la passeggiata—taking a walk that serves the mind and body. Many Italians live an active lifestyle and walk throughout their day. La passeggiata in the morning sunshine or in the evening provides numerous health benefits for mind and body.

        Especially during the summer, I encourage you to adopt the Italian ethos of incorporating daily walks into your routine. Allow la passeggiata to become a cherished part of your day, bringing not only physical activity but also a sense of calm and connection with your surroundings.

        4. Master the Art of Doing Nothing

          The Italians have perfected dolce far niente, the art of doing nothing.

          Contrary to common belief here in NYC, where I live, rest and leisure are crucial to productivity and happiness. Italians prioritize daily coffee breaks or an after-work aperitivo, and they cherish vacations. Each of us can strive to take time each day to just be. For some ideas on how to implement rest and leisure in your day, check out my blog with tips for what to do when you have nothing to do.

          5. Prioritize Quality Time with Family and Friends

            At the heart of Italian culture are the people. Quality time with family and friends helps reduce stress and foster a sense of belonging. Find ways to prioritize your time whether it’s a family barbeque, a walk with a friend, or a fun weekend trip.

            By integrating these mindful practices to your routine, you can alleviate summertime stress and fully embrace the joys of the season. Here’s to an intentional and mindful summer!

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