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Sunday Shop: Vinci Cold Brew, Ogee, Lezé the Label

Morgan Hines seeks out the best in not only food and drink but style, housewares, and more. Welcome to Appetito’s Sunday Shop!

Woman pouring cold brew

Vinci’s Cold Brew 360 coffee maker.

As you read this, I’m wrapping up a beach vacation and surely soaking in the last bit of warmth and serenity before heading back to early spring in New York City. (Hopefully) I’m feeling ready for another week of hustle and bustle, though some weeks that eagerness to dive into the week comes more naturally than others.

I’m Morgan Hines, Appetito’s food and style writer. I have experience covering travel, fashion, food, entertainment, lifestyle, health and fitness, and so much more. And I keep my finger on the pulse of what’s fresh, trending, and classically stylish, and work to incorporate those elements into my daily life. Now, through Appetito’s Sunday Shop, I’m ready to share those insights with you.

This is meant to be a casual, quick look but I’m always happy to expand on inclusions. Feel free to email, if you’re looking for more details on any products, restaurants, or experiences — maybe I’ll even write a follow-up piece.




[Note: Appetito may earn commissions from products featured in links to this story.]

Leze hoodie
LEZÉ the Label hoodie set.

Wearing: Lezé the Label’s Jordyn Hoodie in the color chalk has been my spring-y go-to for comfort-wear - and it’s stylish enough to wear out and about (think on-the-go kind of days - errands, coffee dates, etc.). Made from recycled fishnets, the hoodie is meant to be structured for everybody. The hood is “super” large with pockets that are hidden - and as described on the brand’s site, the fabric of the sweatshirt feels nearly marshmallowy thanks to the fishnet origin. Plus, it has moisture-wicking technology, which is great for when you’re hustling around, ticking off items on a to-do list.

Taking care: A few weeks back we covered some of my evening skincare routine - now let’s talk about my morning skincare. After I wash my face, I use Ogee’s Hyaluronic Acid HA 1.5% Elixir, which is I think my favorite skincare product I own - followed by Maelove’s Hydro Relief Peptides & Amino Acids Cream and Neutrogena Hydro Boost Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizer SPF 50. I also sometimes use Veriphy Skincare’s Self Absorbed Facial Moisturizer. (Note: I’m on the hunt for a good vitamin C serum, per the recommendation of my esthetician. Please email me if you have a recommendation.)

Drinking: It’s no secret that the zero proof category has grown over the years, and I’ve been known to love a non-alcoholic beverage option. Right now, my NA selection of choice is Giesen’s Dealcoholized New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc. This citrus-forward option is crisp, dry and light — and not too sweet, as I’ve often found NA wines to be. Definitely a weeknight treat. 

Vinci cold brew
Vinci cold brew.

Cooking//Using in the kitchen: While I love using a traditional coffee maker, we’ve been playing with the Vinci Cold Brew 360 at home and it’s fairly simple to use. The resulting cold brew, which can be ready to drink in less than 24 hours, lasts from 7 to 10 days, which makes it an easy grab-and-go option on busy mornings (a factor, as you might remember, I particularly love).

Buffy Linen on bed
Buffy's linens (and a pooch).

Decorating: As I continue on a mission to improve my bedtime routine, Buffy’s Linen Sheet Set has simply taken me to a new level of dreamland. I’m not exaggerating when I tell you waking up in these 100% sustainable sheets feels like finding yourself in a buttery cloud. I had heard linen sheets could make a difference but I am almost overwhelmed at the change. These sheets are breathable, soft, and meant to become even softer with each wash. Definitely worth the investment.

snacks and drinks
Snacks and drinks from Cecily, a wine bar in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Photo: David Malosh

Dining: Cecily, located in Brooklyn, is the perfect antidote to a long week. On a Friday night, I made my first — and certainly not my last — visit to the Greenpoint wine bar. Run by Kristin Ma, sommelier and beverage director, Tara Noble, service director, and Zach Frieling, executive chef, Cecily is warm, inviting, and chic. It’s the perfect neighborhood spot for a gourmet dinner with delicious bites. During our visit, I enjoyed the Gold Nugget Tangerine dish (featuring burrata, olives, pink peppercorn and coriander) and the Roasted Chicken (with caraflex cabbage, anchovy vinaigrette, and fine herbs). I particularly loved the Butter Beans made with spring onion, fava, citrus butter, and served with sourdough bread. The Ginger Semifreddo with honeycomb was also a crowd-pleaser and quite unique.

Booking: I’m looking forward to an upcoming reservation at 4 Charles Prime Rib, one of New York’s hardest-to-get tables that I’m sure will result in an incredible dining experience. I’ve dined at the restaurant once a couple years back and my mouth has been watering at the thought of their highly-regarded burger

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