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Mionetto Announces New Alcohol-Removed Sparkling Wine

Get ready to create lower alcohol or non-alcoholic spritzes in the new year, as Mionetto has announced its new alcohol-removed sparkler.

1:17 PM EST on December 18, 2023

Mionetto alcohol-removed sparkling wine bottle with cocktail, lemons, berries

Mionetto’s new alcohol-removed sparkling wine, pictured here as part of the NA cocktail Mio Fresca.

The movement to create non-alcoholic alternatives to favorite drinks has reached Mionetto, the storied Prosecco winery that dates to 1887. Mionetto has announced its new alcohol-removed sparkling wine, which will officially debut in 2024, offering the sober and sober-curious a Prosecco-like alternative with extremely minimal alcohol (less than .05% ABV). 

It’s a significant announcement from what is arguably the most recognizable Prosecco brand in the world, furthering the trend of non-alcoholic cocktails and beverages—which, as we’ve noted, is especially relevant for Italian-influenced drinks. While alcohol-removed wines and wine alternatives are becoming more prevalent, Mionetto’s entry into the space could signify a turning point in the market, similar to trends in beer, where major companies like Anheuser-Busch, Heineken, and even Peroni have developed high-profile NA beers.

“Our expansion to Alcohol-Removed is a commitment to our storied winemaking expertise, as we worked to create a refreshing, enjoyable sparkling wine to taste as close as possible to our prestigious Prosecco Brut for all to enjoy,” says Alessio del Savio, Mionetto winemaker, in a release.

Mionetto alcohol-removed sparkling wine
Mionetto's new alcohol-removed sparkling wine will be available nationwide beginning in January, 2024.

As with the evolution toward lower or no-alcohol beer, Mionetto’s new bottle also plays up its lower caloric content, with only 75 kcal per bottle. The sparkler is also certified vegan and gluten-free. According to a Mionetto spokesperson, it is already available in select markets and will roll out nationwide in the United States starting in January 2024.

It’s easy to envision Mionetto’s alcohol-removed sparkling wine creating a craze for non-alcoholic and low-alcohol spritzes and cocktails, from a practically 0% ABV Negroni sbagliato to pairings with the growing range of NA bitters drinks and aperitif/aperitivo bottles that are already on the market.

Mionetto has already started to develop uses for its soon-to-be-released alcohol-removed sparkler, as in the photo featured above for the Mio Fresca, made with 3 oz. of Mionetto alcohol-removed, 1 oz. lemon juice, 1 oz. agave syrup, and fresh strawberries. Watch a video for the drink below, and stay tuned for more about this developing story.

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