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Something for Your Sweetie: Valentine’s Day Girly Gift Guide

Fashion, skincare, and accessories for that special someone—an Appetito Gift Guide for Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to purchase something sweet for your loved ones — whether you’re going for something big or something small, something for your significant other, sibling, parent or a friend. With this Valentine's Day gift guide, we have you covered. 

Appetito may be a food-focused publication, but we know gifting often goes beyond a snack (though we’ll appreciate a gourmet gift any day), so we’ve curated a collection of apropos Valentine’s Day gifts for our readers to consider.

Heartbreaker Perfume Gift Set (Ellis Brooklyn - $110)

Heartbreaker perfume gift set
Heartbreaker perfume gift set.

Ellis Brooklyn’s Heartbreaker Perfume Gift Set lives up to its name. The combination of their “Apple Love” — a New York-centric scent — and “Vanilla Milk” — which is sweet as can be — is divine. The set features the perfumes Apple Love eau de parfum and a Vanilla Milk eau de parfum mini dabber, packaged together in a vegan leather zip-up pouch in the shape of a heart. The two scents smell good separately but also play well together when layered.

XO Bold Hoops (Hello Adorn - $78)

Hello Adorn XO bold hoops
Hello Adorn XO bold hoops

Jewelry is a classic on Valentine’s Day. And Hello Adorn’s XO Bold Hoops are cute, trendy, and some steps above the average heart-shaped necklace option (which is still fun, don’t get us wrong). Plus, they’re a fun option to wear alone or in an earring stack. The earrings are available in 14 karat gold fill and also in sterling silver — they’re sold as a pair. Each set is made by hand so may vary slightly.

Women's Tinsley Mary Jane Flat (Franco Sarto - $114.99)

Tinsley Mary Jane
Tinsley Mary Jane flat by Franco Sarto

We’ve been loving Mary Jane-style flats all winter (we also recommended a few similar styles in our Christmas gift guide). This Franco Sarto option is perfect for casual wear. We love the pink and red colorways if you’re looking to give an outfit a pop of color and this pair feels a bit unique with a square toe and slim strap. The shoes are made with faux patent leather and some recycled materials - plus the insoles are ergonomic to provide the best support. And, this shoe has a .75 inch heel, just to give you a slight lift. 

Woo Woo Coatigan (KERISMA - $180)

KERISMA’s Woo Woo Coatigan
KERISMA’s Woo Woo Coatigan

In “Super Pink,” KERISMA’s Woo Woo Coatigan is composed of a chunky stockinette stitch with braid accents and is meant to be oversized — the best kind of fit if you’re looking for a cozy gift. KERISMA is focused on staying aware of and bettering the fashion industry’s impact on the environment, seeking recycled, upcycled, better harvested, and other high quality yarns that are wallet and earth friendly. The coatigan comes in one size.

Blush NLA Silk Knot Bag (NLA Collection - $250)

Blush NLA Silk Knot Bag
Blush NLA Silk Knot Bag

Continuing on with our blush theme, the NLA Silk Knot Bag is classic yet unique, and very elegant. While this bag is small and subtle, it can elevate any outfit — think nights out, weddings, date night, and other special occasions. And despite its size, it can hold plenty, including a phone, wallet, and other necessities. To no one’s surprise, we’re sure, we love it in the blush shade — and also in fuchsia. 

Dainty Heart Ring in Gold (Flaire & Co. - $14)

Dainty Heart Ring
Dainty Heart Ring by Flaire & Co.

There’s nothing prettier than a delicate piece of jewelry. And Flaire & Co.’s Dainty Heart Ring in Gold is exactly that. It’s sweet, subtle and perfect for everyday wear alongside other rings or by itself. Plus, it comes at a low price point. This is a beautiful standalone gift but also could work well in combination with another selection. 

The Harlow Wide-Leg Pant (Madewell - $118)

Harlow wide-leg pant by Madewell
Harlow wide-leg pant by Madewell

Sometimes the best gift is a practical one. And this pair of wide-leg pants from Madewell is just the ticket — plus they’ve got a little bit of flair going. Perfect for the office and for casual wear (depending on what you pair them with), these pants come in a range of sizes and colors — we’re partial to the Woodrose around Valentine’s Day but also love the True Black and Harvest Moon colorways for daily wear.

Love Letter Necklace (Gwen Beloti - $225)

Love Letter Necklace
Love Letter Necklace

If you’re looking for a necklace, Gwen Beloti’s Love Letter Necklace is a beautiful option. This piece, classic yet modern, bold yet not overdone, is made with a gold filled chain and an 18-carat gold pendant. It’s perfect for layering with a 20 inch chain and is also a lovely piece to wear on its own as a statement piece or for everyday wear. 

La Ligne — Noir (Les Belles - $25)

La Ligne Noir tights
La Ligne Noir tights

Tights are a must-have in the colder months. But what we love about this pair from Les Belles is the one detail that sets them apart — the vertical line down the tights that adds just a hint of sexy elegance — and they’re seamless. These Italian-made, gender-neutral tights will add a special flair to any winter outfit. The tights are made with recycled yarn and 3D-knit technology in a zero-waste and emissions-free factory in Italy.

Mini Jodie Heart Intrecciato Leather Hobo Bag (Bottega Veneta - $2,800) 

Mini Jodie Heart Intrecciato Leather Hobo Bag
Mini Jodie Heart Intrecciato Leather Hobo Bag

Bottega Veneta’s Mini Jodie has been everywhere — and we understand why. The style is versatile, fun, and comes in an array of colorways. But the Heart Intrecciato Leather Hobo Bag is special — and it’s perfect for Valentine’s Day. This option from the Vicenza-born brand features a little heart that’s not only great for the holiday but perfect as an accessory that celebrates love on the daily. 

Detachable Feather Pleats Please Set In Blush (Waverles - $118)

Waverles’ Detachable Feather Pleats Please Set In Blush
Waverles’ Detachable Feather Pleats Please Set In Blush.

Pajamas are a great gift for any holiday, and this elevated set is perfect for keeping cozy and feeling chic in the winter months. Waverles’ Detachable Feather Pleats Please Set In Blush gives a romantic feel and can serve as more than just sleepwear. Whether you opt to wear these to a girls’ night in, a brunch, or for a movie night with your other half, this set is an ideal option. It’s made with recycled pleat fabric with a silky feel and — per the set’s name — detachable cuffs with plumes of feathers sewn on by hand, making this set easy to wash.

Oversized Fringe Throw In Blush (Muslin Comfort - $82.99)

Muslin Comfort’s Oversized Fringe Throw In Blush
Muslin Comfort’s Oversized Fringe Throw In Blush

If you hadn’t noticed by now, we love blush this time of year, and we love anything cozy. Muslin Comfort’s Oversized Fringe Throw In Blush makes a great Valentine’s Day gift, but it’s also a product that could be gifted year-round. The 100% cotton blanket is light yet cozy, breathable, moisture-wicking, and perfect for sharing at 80 inches by 60 inches. It’s also machine washable and is meant to become even softer with each wash.

Sleep (Yoursy - $21.60)

Yoursy's Sleep
Yoursy's Sleep

Not to sound very ~ millennial ~ but adulting can be a slog. And sometimes, nothing sounds like a greater gift than a solid night’s sleep. And Yoursy offers an aromatherapy option called Sleep that’s meant to improve sleep quality, help users to fall asleep quickly and to reduce sleep interruptions with a blend of lavender, German chamomile, neroli, and patchouli. 

(Editor’s note: If you’re looking to create the perfect Valentine’s Day package focused on relaxation, this option would be a great topper to pair with Waverles’ Detachable Feather Pleats Please set and Muslin Comfort’s Oversized Fringe Throw).

Valentine’s Cake - Rise In Love (Olivieri 1882 - $54.90)

Olivieri 1882’s Valentine’s Cake
Olivieri 1882’s Valentine’s Cake

If you’re looking for an on-theme treat with an Italian twist, Olivieri 1882’s Valentine’s Cake — Rise In Love is a great option. Panettone may traditionally be made near Christmas, but it’s worth indulging in year round. This option is made with candied wild strawberries and dark chocolate — what’s more, it is crafted in the shape of a heart. And if you’re operating on a last-minute gift mission, shipping costs are included with this sweet bread arriving from Italy to doorsteps in the United States within 48 hours of ordering.

Prada Monochrome Soft Matte (Prada - $50)

Prada Monochrome Soft Matte
Prada Monochrome Soft Matte

Newly launched Prada Beauty is already making a splash. Touted by big name influencers including Sofia Richie-Grainge, who is partnering with the brand, we wouldn’t be surprised to see the Italian designer’s makeup collection take the lead in 2024 beauty trends. The Prada Monochrome Soft Matte lipstick comes in an array of shades and is sure to be the hottest ticket to grace purses of the fashionable this year.

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