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These Italian Restaurants Made The Times’ 100 Best Restaurants List For 2023

11:00 AM EDT on April 18, 2023

Pasta from Via Carota

The annual list from New York Times restaurant critic Pete Wells features more than a dozen New York City Italian restaurants

The New York Times today released its annual survey of “The 100 Best Restaurants in New York City 2023,” and—spoiler alert—many Italian restaurants made the cut. Restaurant critic Pete Wells calls the list “a guide, based on my decade of reviewing,” and it does focus primarily on restaurants that he has critiqued in the Times’ weekly review. 

What’s surprising about the Italian selections is how narrow they are in terms of chefs. While 14 New York City Italian restaurants made the top 100, four of these are the work of Missy Robbins (Lilia at #17, Misi at #39)  and the Rita Sodi/Jody Williams partnership (Via Carota at #4 and I Sodi at #64). The Major Food Group, the fast-growing team behind Carbone—which began in the West Village before becoming what amounts to an upscale chain—has its latest Italian entry, Torrisi, earning #33. Their Midtown power spot The Grill clocks in at #10.

Two pizza-first spots make the grade, both on the Lower East Side. Una Pizza Napoletana (#15) and Scarr’s (#72). Brooklyn favorites Roberta’s and Lucali, to name only two, aren’t in the mix.

Wells tries to be equitable, in terms of location, with all five boroughs represented, and type of cuisine, which is listed along with each entry. Below are the Italian restaurants, identified as such by The New York Times, featured on the list (behind a paywall, so subscribe if you haven’t already and have the means to do so).

4- Via Carota 

15- Una Pizza Napoletana

17- Lilia

22- King

33- Torrisi

39- Misi

45- Lodi

Pasta dish from Rezdôra
Rezdôra's famed dish "Grandma Walking Through The Forest."

47- Rezdôra

56- Don Peppe Ozone Park

64- I Sodi

67- Mark’s Off Madison

72- Scarr’s Pizza

85- Barbuto

97- Randazzo’s Clam Bar Sheepshead Bay

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