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Where to Drink NA Cocktails During Dry January in NYC

New York City bars and restaurants have added colorful and creative non-alcoholic cocktails to their menus, offering the sober and sober-curious choices behind club soda. Here are some of the best places to drink NA cocktails this Dry January in NYC.

Non alcoholic sour cocktail

The Straight Edge Sour from Bar Verōnika, one of the many great drinks available for Dry January in NYC. Photo: William Jess Laird

New year, new drinking habits — at least for January. 

Many across the globe have committed to staying away from alcohol for a month and resetting for 2024 as part of Dry January. The 31-day challenge, which kicked off more than a decade ago with a campaign led by Alcohol Change UK in 2013, has amassed thousands of participants. Last year, at least 175,000 people signed up. 

Alongside the challenge has come an increase in non-alcoholic beverage products including NA wines, beers, spirits and more. 

With more and more NA drinks emerging, mocktail recipes abound, and restaurants and bars are taking note, with many adding an NA option or two and others offering full NA menus including many Italian-inspired beverages. So, if you’re dining out while partaking in Dry January — or if you just don’t feel like drinking — there are plenty of sips to choose from.

Here’s where to drink NA cocktails during Dry January in NYC.


Dante, which has two New York City locations, Caffé Dante and Dante West Village, offers NA options year round. The menu includes five NA beverages including the “NA Blood Orange Spritz,” which is made with Seedlip Grove, Martini Vibrante, raspberry syrup, balsamic vinegar, and San Pellegrino Aranciata Rossa; the “Espresso Shakerato,” a combination of Three Spirits Nightcap, Lyre’s Coffee, fresh espresso, and rosewater; the “NA Cosmojito,” which includes Dante cranberry, fresh mint, orange bitters, pressed lime, and Perrier;  the “Forest Highball,” which is made with Martini Floreale, clementine saffron syrup, orange bitter, and Perrier; and the “Dante Italian Spritz,” made with Lyre’s Italian Spritz and its Classico NA Sparkling along with San Pellegrino.

Saint Theo’s

Saint Theo’s, a West Village restaurant that gives coastal Italian vibes and is popular among NYC’s young downtown set, offers a mocktail on its menu. The “Jablonski Spritz” is made with Martini Vibrante, Fever Tree soda water, and a splash of French bloom “le blanc.” While the one drink is purposefully made without alcohol, beverage director Simon Sebbah makes sure that nearly all of the cocktails on Saint Theo’s menu can be made alcohol-free.

Old Fashion Cafe

Spicy Lover cocktail
The Spicy Lover cocktail at Old Fashion Cafe, which is available in a non-alcoholic version.

SoHo’s Old Fashion Cafe, an Italian-run bar and restaurant which has been open for just over a year, has six — count them — six options meant to satisfy guests’ palates without the addition of alcohol. The drinks, made with house-made cordials, syrups, and zero-proof spirits include the “Ape at 10 AM,” the “Namaste,” the “Old Fashion Shake Shake” (which is meant to be “sexy and fancy”), “the “Coco Loco Matcha,” the “Phony Negroni,” and the “Spicy Lover.”


Mocktails and menu
Four non-alcoholic cocktails on offer at Parker's at Thompson Central Park in NYC.

Parker’s, which is named for Charlie Parker and pays tribute to New York’s music scene, is located in Midtown at the Thompson Central Park and offers an array of NA drinks. Parker’s zero-proof options include the “Shy Mai” made with zero-proof gin, almond orgeat, lime, and bitters; the “Bee’s Knees With A Twist” made with zero-proof gin, lemon and honey; the “Little Whistle” made with zero-proof aperitivo, grapefruit, and orange; and “The Duke” made with zero-proof aperitivo, ginger, and lime.

Bar Verōnika

Bar Veronika
Bar Verōnika inside the photography museum Fotografiska New York features several NA cocktails on its menu. Photo: William Jess Laird

Located within the photography museum Fotografiska New York, Bar Verōnika has a number of NA cocktails on its menu. Under the “No-Fi” section, guests can choose from three drinks including the “Straight-Edge Sour” made with Seedlip Citrus Spice; the “Back in Black Cooler” made with tea, almond, and lemon; and “A Phony Negroni” (made by St. Agrestis, which Appetito readers may have already heard of).

The Bar Room at The Beekman

Venetian Holiday cocktail
The Venetian Holiday, a non-alcoholic cocktail at the Bar Room at the Beekman, featuring Giffard Aperitif and Leitz Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Wine. Photo: Crafted Hospitality

In the heart of the Financial District, The Bar Room at The Beekman is a great destination for Dry January with spirit-free drinks. Its menu, waiting for guests in the chic library-themed area with The Beekman’s famous atrium as a backdrop, includes the “Venetian Holiday,” the “Summer Vacation,” the “Beach Day,” and the “Garden Party” — perfect for sipping and dreaming of warmer months and vacations on the Italian coast.


Keith McNally’s Morandi, located in the West Village, is a “rustic” Italian trattoria, and its menu features several alcohol-free options for interested diners. Each of its three NA offerings is topped off with Perrier, according to Morandi’s menu. Options include a “Raspberry ‘Mojito’,” made with raspberry and mint; a “Ginger-Peach Lemonade,” made with lemonade, ginger beer, and peach pureé; and a “Cucumber Cooler,” made with mint and cucumber.

Bohemien Bar

Bohemien Bar Brooklyn
Bohemien Bar in Brooklyn Heights features a custom speaker system for audiophiles and a bar featuring elevated cocktails, including a range of non-alcoholic options.

Bohemien Bar serves elevated, haute bar food and has two NA drinks on its menu. The Brooklyn Heights spot — which was designed for audiophiles and is outfitted with a custom speaker system — offers the “Roselle,” which is made with Ritual Zero Proof Tequila Alternative, lime, hibiscus and bitter orange cordial; and the “Welcome to Paradise,” made with clarified fennel juice, pomegranate molasses, and Indian tonic.

Don Angie

If you’re lucky enough to snag one of New York’s hardest-to-get reservations at Don Angie and are participating in Dry January, then you will enjoy the options from the bar. The West Village restaurant offers its cocktail, “Nonna's Little Nip,” both with and without alcohol. The concoction, which lives at the top of Don Angie’s drinks menu, is made traditionally with Campari, grapefruit, and prosecco.

Arthur & Sons

Arthur & Sons Virgin Pineapple Tiki Punch
Arthur & Sons' Virgin Pineapple Tiki Punch.

Joe Isidori’s Arthur & Sons, which serves up homestyle New York Italian in the West Village, offers NA cocktails that are available year round. Menu mocktails including the “Gosling’s Ginger Mule,” which is made with lime juice, ginger ale, ginger beer and fresh mint; the “Virgin Pina Colada,” which combines cream of coconut, orange juice, fresh pineapple and orgeat syrup; and the “Pineapple Tiki Punch,” which includes pineapple juice, grapefruit juice, orange juice, lemon juice, lime juice and sugar. 

The Penrose

On the Upper East Side, old American-inspired neighborhood joint The Penrose offers 10 NA beverages on its menu. The “Express Yourself,” a take on the espresso martini is lined up with NA prosecco and cocktails like the “Love That For You” a booze-free spritz; the “Garden Tonic;” the “Peach Fuzz;” the “That’s Amore,” which is akin to an amaretto sour, and a few others. 

Bad Roman

Columbus Circle’s Bad Roman made waves last year as the city’s newest Instagram-friendly Italian hotspot. And if you have a reservation during Dry January, then you should try one of its non-alcoholic cocktails. The Quality Branded restaurant offers six NA options on its menu including the “Habanero Slush” (yes, made with crushed ice just like a slushie), the “Falso Spritz,” the “Espresso Shakerato,” the “Phony Negroni,” “Yamilé ‘Sparkling Rose’,” and the “Upside Down Golden Lager” from Athletic Brewing.

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